The Board Team

Julia Huang
Founder, Website Developer
Piano Club President

Hi! My name is Julia and I am a pianist and composer. I have been playing the piano for around 12 years and composing for 3-4, and I love being involved in music activities such as listening, performing, and leading the Piano Club. I started Tri-M because I wanted to give others the opportunity to explore their passions in music and meet other musicians alike through events and community service. In my free time, I love to improvise on the piano and listen to pop and classical music on Spotify.

Bo Chenoweth
VIBES President

Howdy! My name is Bo Chenoweth and I am a drum major for the NHS marching band. I play a wide variety of instruments ranging from brass to woodwind in our schools jazz and symphonic bands. I am on Tri M board because I want to use the power of music to empower and heal our members and community. I am also a member of NHS's Chorale Ensemble.

Lokesh Gummadi
VIBES Founder & President

I am Lokesh Gummadi, a senior at NHS, and I love drumming. Ever since I was 5 years old, I have always loved playing percussion.

Markus Budweg
Drum Major

Hey Everyone! I’m Markus, and I’m a woodwind player and Drum Major in the marching band here at Northville. I started playing clarinet 7 years ago, before switching to alto saxophone 6 years ago. Today, I primarily play the alto, though I occasionally double on instruments such as clarinet, flute, and soprano saxophone for different bands and groups. I joined the Tri-M board because I wanted to help give musicians at our school an opportunity to use their gifts in a positive way to give back to our community.

Rebeca Calderon
Assistant Drum Major

Hello! My name is Rebeca Calderon (11th grade). I am a flute and piano player who loves anything music related, whether it be playing an instrument or just listening to music. I am a part of the NHS Marching/Symphonic Band and will be an Assistant Drum Major for the 2022-2023 Marching Band Season! Additionally, I am a member of the NHS Varsity Dance Company and Varsity T&F. I joined Tri-M to find more ways to be involved in music related activities and to become a better musician, and now I am happy to help others do the same! Music has allowed me to express myself, and I hope to help give others that same opportunity through Tri-M.

Rhea Nair

Hey!! My name is Rhea, and I am a singer in the NHS Choir. I’ve been singing since I was 4 years old, and I’ve had a love for music for all my life. I do various different types of singing, such as choral, classical Indian, and just singing on my own whenever I get the chance. I joined Tri-M because of my passion for music, and I wanted to meet new people who felt the same. I’d love to collaborate with other artists given the chance! In my free time, I love listening to almost any music that sounds good and singing it!

Lina Uchiyama

Assistant Drum Major

Hello! My name is Lina Uchiyama. I am a junior this year and am excited to be working with the other members of leadership to make tri-m a good experience for everyone! A little bit about myself is I am an assistant drum major of the marching band and play trumpet. I enjoy baking, playing soccer, and hanging out with my friends.

Andrew Lee
Flute Choir President

Hi! My name is Andrew Lee and I have been playing the flute for 5 years (and played violin for 10 and piano for 7 years as well)! I am a president of the Flute Choir at NHS, a part of the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra for the past 4 years, and participate in the band program at NHS! I joined Tri-M because I wanted to become more involved in music-related experiences and performances and be able to share my love for music and help others learn in the community. Joining Tri-M has allowed me to meet and make new friends through performance and volunteering activities.

Zachary Bailey


Hi! My name is Zachary Bailey. I have been playing music for 10 years and am on the Northville High School drumline. Playing the drums has always been a passion of mine. I’m so glad I get to be on the Tri-M Board this year!